Doxydoc source code documentation generator

DoxyDoc is a source code documentation generator for Javascript, LESS and CSS.


Requirements: node.js >= 0.10.0, See nodejs.org for Install instructions

The following command installs it globally by using npm

npm install -g doxydoc


Change into your project root and run DoxyDoc command: doxydoc [options] file1 file2 file3

The doxydoc --help command shows you all commandline options.
The flowing command creates a documentation under <cwd>/docs/ and creates a documentation from all .js files located under src/ and lib/.

doxydoc -o docu.html index.js src/**/*.js lib/*.js

Each source file should have a @module or @group tag. Otherwise its filename will be used as a module name.
DoxyDoc looks into a file for a @module tag and groups all comment blocks under this module name. The @group tag overrides the module name for the current comment block.

/** * @module myModule */ /** * Simple function */ function foo() { } /** * Simple function */ function bar() { }

This adds function foo and bar to myModule.
The next function is placed in the same file, but shouldn't be under myModule.

/** * Other simple function * @group secondModule */ function blub() { }

This creates a new group in the documentation view and adds this function under secondModule


DoxyDoc supports lots of tags.
See our syntax declaration page for more infos.